Install A Low Flow Shower Head to Significantly Reduce Water Use

Did you know that in North America alone showers account for 22% of individual water used? this means that in order to reduce water use one must target that angle. The US government has tried to moderate the amount of water being used in households by making sure that a maximum of 2.5 gallons of water per minute is used as opposed to the earlier 5.0 gallons per minute. The good news is that with a low flow shower head it is further reduced and you could use about 1.6 to 2.2 gallons of water per minute.

Low flow shower heads are designed to merge air and water and ultimately give you the special jet spray shower experience.

Why is it suitable

It saves gallons of water that would have rather gone to waste, the power used is also reduced which in essence reduces your utility bills at the end of the month.

It is friendly to your environment. Learn more.

How does it work

Unlike rainfall shower head and high-pressure shower head, low flow shower heads provide you with a decreased flow of water by delivering lesser gallons of water per minute under pressure that is measured in pounds per square inch.  Note that the more the pressure the higher the volume of water being pushed out which means therefore with low flow shower heads the amount of water used is low.

There are 2 types of low flow shower head;

Aerated low flow shower heads

this shower head mixes air with water stream while maintaining a steady pressure making it hard to notice that less water is being used here.

Non- aerated low flow shower heads

Delivers a strong spray in pulses, maintains the temperature which then gives you a massaging effect.

Installing the shower head

  • If you have an old aerator using your hand or channel lock pliers unscrew it,
  • Holding a new shower head, take a white paper tape and wrap around its thread,
  • Inside the shower head end, place a ribbon washer and screw it back then check for any leakages.

How else can you save water?

  • Limit your showering time. The water used if you don’t have a low flow shower head could be 3-4gallons per minute thus reducing the time reduces the volume used.
  • Keep your showering water volume at around 20 gallons by reducing the time you shower even if you have a low flow shower head.
  • Check your household for any leaks and repair them as this will consequently save you dollars and water.
  • Repair and maintain your water heater regularly to prevent leaks.

In summary

People enjoy bathing time as it is another form of relaxation. Note that low flow shower heads will not compromise on the quality of your bath. It is advisable to make use of the great products available in the market because they will offer additional features for your conventional shower head. Conduct a market research and look for all the things you desire in a low flow shower head ready to smile when you are given your utility bill next time. Check out this: